Data Analysis

Open day Saturday 20th June 2015, Village Hall

67 people were recorded attending the meeting.

The attendance and resulting figures represent the views of around 6½% of the adult population of the Parish. They provide an indicator of views but the sample size should be factored into conclusions drawn.


Housing Section

This section consisted of two screens:

  • One covering various aspects of housing
  • The other headed up “Where do you think new houses should go?”


Housing aspects

This screen had charts on:

  • Built-up boundary area
  • Brailes as an LSV2 village
  • Housing allocation
  • What have we built so far, what is in the pipeline


General feedback:

  • People were interested in the development of a new “built-up boundary area” and how this would govern how new houses were counted as part of our allocation.
  • There were question around the allocation from SDC, some people did not realise this was something we could not change.
  • A number of people were surprised how close to our allocation we were if all the planning applications in the pipeline actually got built.
  • Some people admitted that they found it all very confusing and complicated.


“Where do you think new houses should go?”

This screen had no content but allowed people to post notes with their views.

We had 35 comments (this represents 3½% of the adult population of the Parish).

Key  themes:

  • No large developments, gradual development, use of infill (14)
  • Not in flood plain or Betty’s Field (6)
  • Near Tommy’s Turn Lane, possible further up Castle Hill Lane (3)
  • Small gradual developments, not infill, extend building area (3)
  • Provide affordable housing – there were a number of comments on this on different post it notes
  • Several comments around developers contributing to the infrastructure of the village as the new house are added.
  • Some developments more suited towards the elderly