Built-up Area Boundary

The map below is the revised Built-up Area Boundary as adopted by the NP Committee and will now be included within the developing Neighbourhood Development Plan.

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The District Council’s Local Plan, which expired in 2011, defined a ‘Built-up Area Boundary’ for Brailes. This boundary expired with the 2011 Local Plan. The proposed Core Strategy, which replaces the Local Plan, does not include this boundary.

At the January 2016 Consultation Day we asked:

“Do you agree that the NDP group should draw up a new boundary to present at the next consultation event?”

Of those who attended 38% were in favour of the group doing so, only one person said no.

The Neighbourhood Development Plan proposes to resurrect the Brailes Built-up Area Boundary, with modifications to account for 1) development subsequent to the boundary lapsing, and 2) proposed development sites identified under the Neighbourhood Plan.

The following map shows the old Built-up Area Boundary, as existed within the Local Plan (at May 2000), expired 2011.

BUAB Local Plan May 2000

The following map shows the old Built-up Area Boundary, as modified by the District Council at 2011, to take account of subsequent development. The changes from the previous map are highlighted in red.

2011 BUAB changes

An updated proposed map to be included in the Neighbourhood Development Plan is shown at the top of this page.