Listed Buildings

Some of the older buildings in Brailes are ‘Listed’. A building is generally ‘Listed’ if it is old or of special significance. Being Listed places planning restraints on a building and its setting.

A ‘Listed Building’ may be a building or other structure, such as a milestone, a tombstone, a war memorial, all of which we have in Brailes.

There are 3 categories of Listed Buildings, Grade II, Grade II* and Grade I. Grade I affords the highest protection, Grade II the lowest. Brailes has one Grade I building, St. George’s Church, and one Grade II* building, The Old Rectory and Catholic Chapel of St. Peter & St. Paul. All other Listed buildings are grade II

In total Brailes Parish currently has 51 Listed buildings, which includes tombstones,milestones, a bridge and Compton Pike. Of the 41 remaining buildings there are 17 in Lower Brailes, 14 in Upper Brailes including Grove End, 5 in Winderton and 6 in the surrounding countryside.

The map below shows where the listed buildings are sited. Click on map for larger image.

A full list of Listed Buildings can be seen here: Listed Buildings

These are indicated in the following maps. The name of each building is shown in the above list. The list ‘description’ for each building can be found on Historic England’s (previously English Heritage) website ‘advanced search’ page at Enter the reference number in the box marked Old Record Number-e.g.Listed Building Number