Size of Developments

Preferred size of housing developments

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A developing question ….

At the May 2014 Open Day Consultation …………….(details of questions & responses with reference to development size)

A question in The 2015 Survey asked for opinions on a statement which read I would like to see future developments being no more than 5 dwellings” (Individual Questionnaire 05/3). 

  • The responses were: 64 % agreed with this statement, 19% disagreed and 17% had no opinion.


Another question in the same survey asked for opinions on a statement which read: “The provision of affordable housing for people with local connections” (Individual Questionnaire 05/9)

  • The responses were: 86% agreed with this statement, 6% disagreed and 8% had no opinion. 


It was possible to satisfy both preferences as on sites of 5 or more homes developers were required to provide a proportion of Affordable Homes. But, the government changed the threshold. As a result developments of less than 6 homes do not require to make an ‘Affordable’ homes contribution.

It now seemed the best option may be to consider a site maximum of 6 homes. We therefore needed to consult again, which we did at the the January 2016 Open Day Consultation. We asked “Should we change the size limit on developments from 5 to 6 ?”.

  • 64 people answered this, 45 said yes and 19 said no, i.e. 70% of those who responded were in favour of increasing the size limit on developments from 5 to 6. 


The current developing objective for the Neighbourhood Development Plan is therefore to “prefer development sites of no more than 6 homes”. This gives us the option to limit the size of sites but have an opportunity for a contribution towards  “affordable” homes.


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