Call for Sites submission process

Planning for new homes

Stratford District Council is required by central government to build 14,485 new homes in the district between 2011 and 2031. The District Council have decided that Brailes village should accept up to 84 of this allocation. Our Neighbourhood Development Plan is able to influence where these houses will be built. Without a Neighbourhood Development Plan the Council will determine where these are built, without consulting the community. See the page on Housing Allocations  for more details.

A Call for Sites was made in December 2015 when the article below was published in that month’s Feldon

Feldon News December 2015

The call remains open to all landowners in the parish

Anyone who would like to put forward land as a potential housing development should write to the Neighbourhood Plan team at

Sites offered are displayed on our Call for Sites Responses Page

All sites will be assessed using Site Assessment Criteria. What these Criteria will be is partly decided through community consultation and partly though statutory constraints. Details of the consultation process can be viewed in the Consultation Events and the  Consultation Results sections.

Calls for development sites have also been made by Stratford District Council (SDC) in 2012 and 2014. These sites will be subject to similar criteria once the Neighbourhood Plan has been adopted by the District Council. A list of sites submitted in response to the 2014 Call can be viewed on the SDC website at