Selecting sites – how do we choose?

Criteria to be used for site assessment – Results from January 2016 Open Day questionnaire

13 different types of criteria for assessing whether sites would be acceptable for development were presented at the Open Days. Maps showing each criteria were displayed – to view maps Click Here.

Criteria Chart

We also sought opinion on ‘Where to Build’, ‘Where Not to Build’ and ‘Important Green Spaces‘. See pages under Gathered Opinion/Housing tabs. Responses to these criteria will also feed into the decision making process. See “Call for Sites Evaluation” tab.

These criteria were entered into an Assessment Tool which rated each site according to how each criteria effected the site. See Appendix 14.

New Landscape Sensitivity Surveys by Warwickshire Landscape Architects

Sensitivity was regarded as the second most important criteria after flooding. The results of the Strategic Housing Landscape Availability Assessment (SHLAA) survey, commissioned by the District Council as evidence for the new Core Strategy, was displayed as a map at the January 2016 Open Days.

01 Landscape Sensitivity

SHLAA Survey commissioned by District Council

This survey looked at large assessment zones (numbers Br01 to Br11). Such large zones of similar sensitivity meant this criteria would be ineffective when comparing different sites within the same zone. We considered it likely there would be diversity within each zone and therefore we felt it would be helpful to have a more detailed surveys conducted within each zone. Funds were not available to reassess all areas around Brailes so we commissioned surveys focused only upon only those areas likely to be considered for development. This included those areas submitted in response to our ‘Call for Sites’ and areas which were identified as more favourable for development at our January 2016 Open Day.


Areas identified for focused sensitivity survey

The sites offered under our ‘Call for Sites’ and sites favoured in our ‘Where to Build?’ questionnaire were the subject of three ‘focused’ surveys conducted in March, July and September 2016. The surveys were conducted by Warwickshire County Council Landscape Architects.

The background to these studies is available here: Landscape Sensitivity Assessments