Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan Document

Superseded Neighbourhood Plan (September 2017) This document was published on the Website in September 2017


Some of the following appendices are awaiting updates.

List of all documents which have been used in compiling the Neighbourhood Development Plan

  1. Listening and Learning – How we communicated with the Parish Click here
  2. Terms of Reference September 2015 – The rules by which the plan has been made Click here
  3. The 2015 Survey
    1. Analysis results Household data Click here
    2. Analysis results Individual data Click here
    3. Analysis results Business data Click here
  4. The Youth Survey September 2015- youth survey responses  Click here
  5. Historic Environment Assessment Designated Heritage Assets Map  Click here
  6. Listed Buildings in Parish Click here
  7. Brailes Conservation Area Map Click here
  8. Winderton Conservation Area Map Click here
  9. Brailes Village Design Statement 1998 Click here 
  10. Brailes & Winderton Village Appraisal 1992/3 Click here
  11. Parish Council Action Plan 2012 Click Here
  12. Flooding Evidence – Flood image Click here     Click here Image 2
  13. Rationale for Designation of Local Green Spaces Click here
  14. Assessment Tool Click here
  15. Built Up Area Boundary Definition Click here
  16. Call For Sites Map – A map of all land offered as a result of Call for sites 2016 Click here
  17. Criteria for Allocation of Social Housing Click here
  18. Housing Status Report June 2015 Click here
  19. WRCC Housing Needs Survey –  Click here
  20. ‘How old are we’ Chart – Click here
  21. Evidence Base – Landscape Click here
  22. Evidence Base – Housing Click here 
  23. Evidence Base – Business Click here
  24. Analysis Matrix – Click here
  25. Warwickshire county Council Upper and Lower Brailes Landscape Study March 2016 Click here 
  26. Warwickshire county Council Upper and Lower Brailes Landscape Study July 2016  Click here
  27. Warwickshire county Council Upper and Lower Brailes Landscape Study September 2016  Click here
  28. Projects to help deliver the Plan Click here
  29. Reg 14 pre-submission feedback. Click here
  30. Brailes-and-Winderton-Parish-Action-Plan-2005 Click here
  31. Walking in Brailes – Click here
  32. Highway Assessment – Click here
  33. Sustainability Assessment – Click here
  34. Basic Conditions Statement June 2017 – Click here