Proposed Development Sites

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Selected development sites

Site Allocation
The details behind the process that the group used to arrive at these decisions can be found “Evidence Base – Housing” Appendix 22.
Two of the sites allocated will have 12 dwellings each of which at least 4 must be affordable housing:
The third site will be a reserve site which will accommodate 12 dwellings of which at least 4 must be affordable housing:

This provides the village with 18 market houses and 8 affordable houses within the Neighbourhood Plan and a further site for  “safeguarding” (see Policy H3). The committee has yet to decide which of these sites will be allocated or safeguarded.

The group also recognises there may be a potential need for houses nearer the end of the Plan period.

Site 189 Sutton Lane, east side, Lower Brailes









Site 425e Sutton Lane, west side rear of Blakes Close, Lower Brailes









Site 222   Saltway Lane, opposite the Industrial Estate


For information on how these sites were chosen see the following pages.

Sites Offered

Selecting Sites – How do we choose?

Landscape Sensitivity Assessments