Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Brailes & Winderton Neighbourhood Plan (SEA)

The latest SEA Environmental Report has now been received.

A second SEA was required following changes to the proposed new housing sites. The revised SEA can be read below

Revised SEA Environmental Report   received September 2018


First SEA Environmental Report    received October 2017









The following message was received from SDC…

SEA Consultation 18 October 2017-29 November 2017

An updated Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) for the Brailes Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) has been prepared and this is being consulted on prior to formally submitting the Submission Draft of the Brailes NDP. We have made the SEA document available for public comment. The draft Brailes NDP is also available for information. The NDP itself will be formally consulted on in the next stage of the process  next year.

An SEA identifies, describes and evaluates the likely significant effects of the NDP on environmental factors. It suggests measures by which any adverse effects could be mitigated, makes recommendations to improve the environmental performance of the plan, and provides an opportunity for statutory consultees and interested parties to offer views on any aspect of the SEA process.

The consultation will last for 6 weeks and the deadline for comments is 5 pm on 29 November 2017

please send all comments to:

Or write to:

The Policy Team, Stratford on Avon District Council, Elizabeth House, Church Street, Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 6HX

The following lists events leading up to the publication of the SEA Report.

At the beginning of June 2017 we were informed that the Neighbourhood Plan must be screened into the Strategic Environment Assessment (SEA). This process is to ensure that the Plan conforms to all laws protecting the environment, both natural and historic. For more information about this process click here: Screening neighbourhood plans for Strategic Environment Assessment.

The District Council submitted our Draft Neighbourhood Plan to Lepus Consulting for them to assess if the Plan needed to be screened into the SEA. Click on the image below to read their draft report.

Lepus SEA Document: Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Brailes & Winderton Neighbourhood Plan.  This screening report has been prepared to determine whether the Brailes & Winderton Neighbourhood Development Plan 2016 – 2031 (Neighbourhood Development Plan, NDP) should be subject to a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) in accordance with the European Directive 2001/42/EC (SEA Directive) and associated Environmental Assessment of Plans and Programmes Regulations 2004 (SEA Regulations).

The draft report concluded that the Plan should be screened because “… significant effects on the environment may occur as a result of the NDP. The topic area likely to be affected by the NDP is Landscape.” The final decision to screen was placed with three consultees, The Environment Agency ,  Natural England and Historic England. Click on the consultees to read their responses.

Monday 12th June 2017

A meeting with Neal Davidson (CEO of Lepus) was held Monday 12th June 2017 with Louise and Peter discussing how the SEA screening process will proceed.  It was understood that the process will not be a matter of ticking boxes, Lepus will consider the whole Plan, not just the selected development sites. The NP committee will be able to submit its evidence to inform Lepus with their work.

It was agreed that Lepus will examine the new revised Plan rather than the old (October 2016) Plan submitted to SDC. As the new Plan is significantly different to the old Plan it will need to be put out to consultation again. This includes local consultation with Brailes community.

The timetable for the screening process was discussed with an initial ‘scoping’ exercise occurring between 23/06/16 to 29/07/17 with the production of a ‘scoping document’. The scoping document will then be sent to consultees for a 5-week period for them to produce their report. Consultees will include the AONB Board, The Environment Agency, Natural England and Historic England.

Two weeks later, approx. mid-August, the SEA report along with our latest version of the NDP will go to public consultation, i.e. other public consultees and the local community for a six-week period. (Exactly who the report goes to and the length of time it remains in consultation is still to be determined after discussion with SDC). The Committee will then respond to all comments and with Lepus amend the report. We can then respond to the public.

Peter suggested he, Louise and Maggie handle all discussions with Lepus but the committee decided that the whole committee should be involved in the process.

Louise/Peter will keep the committee informed of all discussions with Lepus and The committee will be presented with the scoping document for comments once received. All amendments to the scoping document and all decisions taken by Lepus/committee will be set out in the minutes.

8th July 2017

The Draft Scoping Document has now been received. Lepus Scoping Document draft

12th September 2017

The final version of the Scoping Document has now been received Lepus Scoping Document

Latest – 17th October 2017

The SEA Report has now been received SEA Environmental Report

Consultation on the SEA Report will be run by Stratford District Council, details on how to participate in the consultative process will be on the website next week following the full meeting of the Steering Committee on Monday 23rd October.