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Brailes Neighbourhood Plan has now been ‘made’

Stratford-on-Avon District Council resolved that the Brailes Neighbourhood Plan was ‘made’ on 16th December 2019 . It is now formally part of the District Council’s development plan and will be used to assist in making decisions on planning applications within the area.

The Parish has a Neighbourhood Development Plan.

At the referendum on the 21st November 2019, 35.49% of the Parish turned out to vote. 88.78% of those who voted, voted to accept the Neighbourhood Plan. In doing so they agreed to Stratford District Council using the Plan to assess planning applications in our Neighbourhood Development Plan area. A big thankyou to all those who turned out to vote.

As sponsors of the Plan, the Parish Council have supported the group and are committed to using it in assessing future planning applications.

At the Stratford upon Avon District Council meeting on the 16th December 2019, the Plan was approved and “made”.

This now means that all future planning applications should be assessed using the Policies, the allocated development plots and the built up area boundary defined in the Plan. 

This has been a long process and the Neighbourhood Development Plan Group has needed the support of many people in the Parish to get this done. We would particularly like to thank Stephen Miles, the consultant who helped us get many of the “technical” aspects of the Plan done.

Whilst the group will now take a well-earned rest, many of us will still be around to answer any questions that may crop up in the future about how the Plan was developed.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Parish Clerk at brailesparishclerk@outlook.com

We would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all those who helped us and stuck with us through thick and thin.

Brailes Neighbourhood Plan Development Group


‘Yes’ vote at referendum

On Thursday 21 November 2019, voters in Brailes voted ‘yes’ to the Neighbourhood Plan.

  • 88.78% ( 277 people) of those voting said ‘Yes’
  • 11.22% (35 people) of those voting said ‘No’
  • The turnout was 35.49%



Plan to Proceed to Referendum

The District Council agreed with the Examiner’s report and has endorsed the Plan to proceed to a referendum to be held on Thursday 21 November 2019.

The polling station will be at The Pavilion, rear of Brailes Village hall, Brailes, OX15 5AS.

The question on the ballot paper will be as follows:

“Do you want Stratford-on-Avon District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Brailes to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”

A number of documents (referred to as ‘specified documents’ in the Neighbourhood Planning regulations) are listed below to assist voters.

Specified Documents


To find out more and ask us any questions on the plan please come to our open day before the referendum, this will be held on Saturday 16th November in the village Hall times TBC


Plan passes examination

Following completion of the Independent Examination of the Brailes Neighbourhood Plan, the Examiner issued her report to the District Council on 9th May this year and can be viewed below:

Examiner’s Report – May 2019

In accordance with paragraph 18 of The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended), The Local Planning Authority must now consider what action to take in response to the recommendations of the Examiner and decide what modifications, if any, are to be made to the Plan in order for it to proceed to referendum.


Plan goes to final consultation Reg.16

At its meeting on 29th October 2018 the Parish Council approved the draft Neighbourhood Plan and associated documents and agreed to send these to Stratford District Council for Regulation 16 Consultation. Consultation is now taking place between Thursday 22nd November 2018 and Thursday 17th January 2019. To comment use the online form at https://www.snapsurveys.com/wh/s.asp?k=154273363853. This is also available from the SDC web page for the Brailes Neighbourhood Plan at https://www.stratford.gov.uk/planning-regeneration/brailes-neighbourhood-plan.cfm


The Neighbourhood Plan is now approaching Reg. 16 stage – the final stage before Local Referendum Click Here to see the Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan will be presented to the Parish Council for their approval at their meeting on 29th October. They have already accepted the previous draft which went before Stratford Council in September under the Regulation 14 rules. This new version follows revisions asked for at the Stratford Council meeting. Once approved by the Parish Council it will be submitted under Regulation 16 for examination. If successful it will then proceed to local referendum.  We hope this will happen in early 2019.

This latest version of the Neighbourhood Plan now includes new historic and environmental maps plus endorsement of the 1998 Village Design Statement (VDS) as currently valid planning guidance. Click Here to see the VDS


The Neighbourhood Plan is now complete and is about to be put out to consultation. Click here to see the June 2018 version of the Plan.


The Neighbourhood Plan’s revised Built-up Area Boundary 

Click on map to enlarge

The above revised Built-up Area Boundary has been adopted by the NP Committee and will now be included within the developing Neighbourhood Development Plan.


Neighbourhood Plan’s Revised Housing Sites

On 7th December 2017 the Neighbourhood Plan committee decided to change their small sites policy of four 6-house sites (plus two 6-house reserve sites) to two 12-house sites (plus one 12-house site). This decision was presented to the Parish Council on 11th December who approved this process. Proposed new 12-house development sites

The  reasons behind the NP committee’s decision were laid out in a document which will be attached to the Parish Council minutes of their meeting on 11th December. This can also be viewed here …

Document presented to PC on Monday 11th Dec 2017


PLANS TO CHANGE?  Update on Allocated Sites

Feedback from Consultees on the SEA

Selecting Sites, How do we Choose?

Justification of New Housing Development Click here

  1. Site Assessment Tool
  2. SDC Landscape Assessment (SHLAA)
  3. NP Commissioned Landscape Assessments (WCC)

Comment on the Plan

We need your feedback NOW on the plan – write to sg@brailesnp.co.uk and TELL US WHAT YOU THINK!

SEA Screening

News missing from the Feldon News August 2017 edition – Click here.

The NDP Committee has been informed that the Neighbourhood Plan is to be screened into the Strategic Environment Assessment (SEA). For more information click here:

Talk to us

The committee are always available for comments and discussion on the draft plan at our working meetings as well as our full committee meetings on Monday evenings in the Pavilion 8pm. Please come along. Workshop Meetings as well as Committee Meetings are all open to the public. Or email any comments to sg@brailesnp.co.uk


A big thank you to all who have been involved in helping the Brailes & Winderton Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering committee create a plan for the future development of the Parish. The plan once adopted will be a legal document of which planning officers will have to take note.

Get involved in the Neighbourhood Development Plan and speak up for Brailes’ future.

This website has been produced by volunteers with no cost to our community.