To the Neighbourhood Plan website

Our next Full meeting will be on Monday 22nd May 8pm in the Pavilion Brailes, all welcome.

There is no meeting Tuesday 30th May 2017

The NDP Committee has received feedback on the draft plan from Stratford District Council and we are working on suggested amendments. 

The committee are always available for comments and discussion on the draft plan at our working meetings on Monday evenings in the Pavilion 8pm please come along.

We have received notification from Stratford District Council that the Neighbourhood Plan may need to be screened into a Strategic Environment Assessment (SEA).  We are currently waiting for confirmation or otherwise from SDC.  For more information click here.

A big thank you to all who have been involved in helping the Brailes & Winderton Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering committee create a plan for the future development of the Parish. The plan once adopted will be a legal document of which planning officers will have to take note.

This website has been produced by volunteers with no cost to our community.

Get involved in the Neighbourhood Development Plan and speak up for Brailes’ future

The Neighbourhood Development Plan sets out what we, local residents, businesses and other stakeholders, want for our community in the period 2011 to 2031.

Neighbourhood Development Plans are new to the planning system and are designed to enable local people to have more of a say in how their communities develop. Although the plans have limitations, they can give local people more of a voice in planning decisions.

We have more voice with a Neighbourhood Plan than without one.

Neighbourhood Development Plans are not just about housing. They can cover a variety of things, including parks and open spaces, broadband provision, infrastructure and economic prosperity. The plans can include initiatives designed to protect existing local features and services as well as priorities for new developments and enhancements.

Come along to our meetings to see what we are doing, and if you wish, find out how you can help. We meet 8.00pm Monday evenings in the Pavilion – see our Meeting timetable