Data Analysis

Brailes and Winderton Parish Neighbourhood Plan Meeting
Brailes School 10th May 2014

62 people were recorded attending the meeting, 55 of whom were parish residents.

The attendance and resulting figures represent the views of around 5½% of the adult population of the Parish. They provide an indicator of views but the sample size should be factored into conclusions drawn.

Votes on the Environment Poster:

  • Wildlife and Habitat -40
  • Green Fingers – 21
  • Dark Skies – 32
  • Unbroken Skyline – 20
  • Green Energy – 20
  • Flood Protection – 30
  • Footpaths – 26
  • Bridleways – 12
  • Sports and Play Areas – 32


Comments on the three topics:


  • Keep the Pubs
  • All historic buildings, especially the Church and Churchyard
  • Keep green spaces – no infill (2)
  • Playing fields, Hall and Pavilion
  • No large developments in the AONB (4)



  • All the views in AONB area and Village Design Statement (5
  • Castle Hill from all sides (3)
  • Winderton Lane towards Winderton
  • The Church from Banbury Road and Rectory Lane
  • Crinkle Crankle Wall and the 99 steps
  • Brailes Hill from Lower Brailes
  • Traitors ford Lane just before Holloway Hill
  • Allotments and views from them
  • No one owns a view



  • Speeding – still a problem in the village (6)
  • Renewable energy: should be encouraged (2),wind farms are the way forward, no wind farms solar farms only, wind farms are not green(3)
  • Lighting: we need more, we do not need more
  • Green spaces are important, should Gillets Hill be a SSSI
  • Housing: conflict between planning and needs for housing, affordable housing only when viable, affordable housing is a must.
  • How will you get young people’s opinions on the NP