The Team

We are a group of individuals, from a wide range of backgrounds who are passionate about getting this right and ensuring that the whole community of Brailes has a say. We are committed to work in an open and transparent way.

  • Our sponsor is Stratford District Council and our customer is Brailes Parish Council
  • Chair: Louise Appleton
  • Committee Members: Mark Moore, Peter Jordan (vice chair), Richard Cheney, Councillor Steven Kaack, Councillor Maggie Witherick, John Dudbridge, Elaine Cook


Other members of the community have been involved.  Former committee members include Tony de Maillet, Maggie Gorren, Mary Lloyd, Cheryl Aubrey, Pam Bennett, Paul Clark, Kerry Goffin, Marek Poklekowski, Angela Bradbury, Hugh Price, Caroline Andrews, the late Ian Milligan, amongst others all of whom have had an input at the various consultation events.

Louise Appleton – Chair


Myself, Grant and our three boys have been living in Brailes for nearly 14 years. We moved here to give the boys a village upbringing and all three have attended Brailes school. We have all enjoyed the fresh air, the beautiful views and the friendliness of the people here and have many great friends in the Parish. As a family we really enjoy village life and get as involved as we can. I have been a governor at the school and run the drama club on Monday nights. Grant runs his own business from home and many of his clients are local people and local businesses. I have been a supporter of the Neighbourhood Development Plan from the beginning, as I really believe that we should nurture our villages and preserve them as best as we can, while recognizing that we have to change and develop sympathetically. I believe this document gives everyone in our Parish the opportunity to express their views, so we can develop the Parish over years to come in the way that we all want. My own professional background is in Market Research and I work for a research agency in Warwick and believed that my expertise may be of some use to the committee


Peter Jordan

“ We have been living in Brailes for 27 years, as a family we have always enjoyed the atmosphere, the countryside and the people. I retired from industry some years ago and run my own consultancy business from home.  I have been involved in the teams that have produced the “Brailes Parish Plan” in 2005 and 2012, these plans have helped to focus how we as a village want to develop. I see the Neighbourhood Development Plan as a document that gives us an opportunity to express our views, in a more formal way, on how the Parish develops in the next fifteen years”


Maggie Witherick

Maggie Witherick has lived in Lower Brailes for 37 years. For 15 years she and her husband Allan owned and ran Feldon House as a restaurant with rooms. They then renovated and moved to Bow Cottage, where Maggie still lives after Allan’s death in January 2016. Maggie has worked  as a Counsellor, both in the NHS and privately, for the last 20 years. She was elected on to the Parish Council in 2015, and has been one of the Parish Council representatives on the NDP since 2016.

Richard Cheney

I have lived and worked in the parish of Brailes all my life at Aylesmore Farm and attended Brailes Primary school. Served on Brailes Parish Council at various periods, starting in 1977. Also served as a councillor on Warwickshire County Council and Stratford District Council, most recently from 2008 to 2015 on Stratford District Council where I was a member of the East Area Planning Committee.
I see the Neighbourhood Plan as a locally agreed plan which will retain the character of Brailes, whilst allowing some modest development and encouraging the concept of a living working community.

Steven Kaack

My wife and I moved to Brailes in 2011, so, we are recent residents. I’m a civil engineer and work in the environmental, water and energy business. I’ve an interest in seeing our community develop and thrive how we wish it to and a key part of this will be in delivering a good Neighbourhood Development Plan which reflects the wishes and views of the residents.

 John Dudbridge

John and Bindy Dudbridge arrived in Brailes in 1976, worked in Banbury until retirement and are commited to the future of this thriving village.

Cheryl Aubrey  (Retired)

Chery Aubrey

I have lived in Brailes for just over 2 ½ years now, originally from Stourton. I have 2 children, Samuel 13 and Lauren 10 both of whom have attended school in the village since pre-school age. I’m a Baker at The Fourteas in Stratford-upon-Avon and I am also establishing a small business from home making special occasion cakes.

Having previously been clerk to Cherington and Stourton Parish council, I have some experience of how local level government works and how frustrating it can be when people who know nothing about the areas they influence make decisions. I have always been keen to get involved with things within the community, I was secretary to Brailes Show for 2 shows, but I have now stepped down to focus on the NDP.

I was keen to get involved with the NDP as it’s the first time the power has been placed in the villagers own hands to decide its future, in terms of planning, environmental issues, commercial developments and infrastructure. I hope together the village can ensure that future of Brailes is shaped in a way that benefits everyone, but that the beautiful AONB is not harmed in doing so.


Mark Moore, Project Manager
Mark Moore

My name is Mark Moore and I have lived in Brailes since 1997, having moved here through work from Suffolk. My wife and I really enjoy the village atmosphere, the friendliness of the people and the wonderful setting in the Cotswold AONB. Many neighbours have helped us while we renovated our cottage in 1998 and I thought it was about time I gave something back to everyone – hence my involvement in the Brailes Neighbourhood Development Plan. I am committed to ensuring our village is developed through consultation and not by external people that dictate to us what happens in our village. My background is agriculture and I work for Massey Ferguson. I am responsible for developing the agriculture sector and run many projects to ensure we have sustainable food supply. A part of role is project management, which is what I bring to the NDP project and team. For those of you that don’t know project management is all about chasing people to do things they really don’t want to do!


Pam Bennett (Retired)

I was brought up in Long Compton, and have known Brailes all my life.  I have lived and worked in London as a designer, working mainly in the areas of fashion and furnishing prints. In recent years I have worked for a studio in Nottingham, and also work as an aromatherapist in and around Brailes.

In 2009 I moved to Brailes. I had seen the Brailes Parish Plan, when that was produced, and I was interested in the Neighbourhood Plan, so became part of that. As a result of my work there, I joined the Parish Council.

Elaine Cook

My family have lived in Brailes for 12 years. We have two boys, one working in Bristol and our youngest about to leave to go to University.
For the past 8 years I work from home running holiday lets in Stratford upon Avon.  Before that, I worked for an Accountancy firm, where I implemented and trained staff in accountancy software.
I recently joined the NDP in March 2017 with ‘fresh eyes’ to the team; I am keen to develop our village in accordance with the village’s wishes in a sympathetic way without harming the AONB.  My strength to the team is proof reading and updating the website for everyone to read.