Housing Allocations

The number of new homes planned for Brailes by Stratford District Council

Sufficient houses have now been built or received planning consent to fill these allocations.  

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The Neighbourhood Plan is continuing to propose development sites to accommodate social/affordable housing needs. Click Here

Planning Requirements to 2031 (See below for footnotes [i] to [iii])

The Local Planning Authority is required by the Government to encourage new home building. The Stratford on Avon District has agreed to 14,485 new homes between 2011 and 2031. Of these, 700 have been allocated to and dispersed amongst the Category 2 Local Services Villages (LSV2s), with no more than 12% of the 700 allocated to each [i].

Brailes village is one of currently nine LSV2s and was therefore allocated approximately 78 to 84 homes between 2011 and 2031. LSV allocations apply to Brailes village, not the surrounding parish or Winderton. [iii] There is a proviso for villages within the AONB which states that the allocation numbers are subject to it being possible to build these extra houses within the constraints of the AONB. [ii]

Past and future development

Over the previous 20 year period from 1991 to 2011 there were approximately 92 houses built in Brailes (4.6 per year), so the allocation of 84 homes appears to be close to past development levels. Between 2011 and 2016, 36 homes were built or have planning approval. If all planned were completed this would leave 48 new homes to fill our allocation to 2031. That is 3 houses per year, on average.

All past house development was unallocated by the Planning Authority and termed ‘Windfall’ development. We have no reason to expect this normal, underlying level of house building not to continue near its historic rate of about 4½ houses per year.

Despite LSV2 housing allocation to 2017 having been met, the Planning Authority is required by the government to identify contingency sites, to fulfil any shortfall in normal developments, should windfall development not occur. The Brailes Neighbourhood Development Plan is attempting to identify these contingency (reserve) sites. These are sites A & B and are additional to the selected sites 1 to 5. See Development sites map




[i] Core Strategy, Policy CS16 p.87, B Strategic Allocations, Click Here then go to P87

[ii] See Core Strategy text under policy CS15, Distribution of Development, para. 5.1.11, p.85 Click Here then go to page 85

[iii] Brailes LSV2 is the built-up settlements of Upper Brailes, Lower Brailes and Grove End. The area was defined in the Planning Authorities old Local Plan but is not defined within the new proposed plan (The Core Strategy). We may propose the old ‘built-up Area Boundary’ is resurrected within the new Neighbourhood Plan, with changes to reflect recent or new development. Built-up Area Boundary