The Consultation Process

To be accepted by the District Council and to become an integral part of the planning process a Neighbourhood Development Plan must fulfill meet certain requirements. One of the most important of these is to engage closely with its community through consultation events such as open days and surveys. 

Housing Consultation event  16th and 18th January 2016

This event was to collect opinion on where residents preferred new housing development to go, what green spaces were important to people and should be protected, and what type of development was preferred.

We asked visitors to look at various maps of the village and then to fill in three different questionnaires. Each questionnaire had guidance notes. All three forms, and the various maps associated with each can be viewed by clicking on the blue links below.

Housing development sites questionnaire: click here

Map for “Where to Build?” and “Where not to Build?” questions. Click on map to enlarge


13 maps used for Site Assessment Criteria questions: click here 

Local Green Spaces questionnaire: click here

11 Green Fingers12 Green Separation corridors13 Green Entry Corridors

For explanation of how the green spaces for each map were selected: click here

Housing: Architectural Style questionnaire: click here

We received almost 200 sets of questionnaires back from you, all of which amounted to huge quantity of information telling us what you want and what you don’t want about new housing development. The responses provide evidence for the process of allocating new development sites, informs us what criteria we should use in choosing development sites and will allow us to develop planning policies for insertion into the Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Results are shown in Gathered Opinions or under the following separate headings:


Details of how the responses to questionnaires were analysed can be viewed here.