Agenda for next Committee Meeting

Meetings are often held on Monday evenings at 8.00pm in The Pavilion.

Formal (Full) committee meetings tend to be held once a month, with workshop meetings in the weeks between. All meetings are open to the public. Decisions can only be made at FULL committee meetings when the item to be decided upon is on the agenda.

The agenda is generally published a few days (at least three full working days) before a meeting.

The agenda will also appear on the Neighbourhood Plan notice board (near the school) within the same time period.

The list below is for FULL committee meeting agenda. Workshop meeting agenda are not published.




10th June 2019 AGENDA FULL

13th May 2019 AGENDA FULL

4th February 2019 AGENDA FULL

22nd February 2019 AGENDA FULL



10th December 2018 AGENDA FULL

5th November 2018 AGENDA FULL

1st October 2018 AGENDA FULL

21st May 2018 AGENDA FULL

8th May 2018 AGENDA FULL

4th April 2018 AGENDA FULL

5th March 2018 AGENDA FULL

19th February 2018 AGENDA FULL

22nd January 2018 AGENDA FULL



7th December 2017 AGENDA FULL

23rd October 2017 AGENDA FULL

2nd October 2017 AGENDA FULL

4th September 2017 AGENDA FULL

1st August 2017 AGENDA FULL

3rd July 2017 AGENDA FULL

5th June 2017 AGENDA FULL

22nd May 2017 AGENDA FULL

4th April 2017 AGENDA FULL

25th April 2017 AGENDA FULL



Agenda 22nd Aug

Meeting 13th June cancelled – postponed until following week Agenda 20th June

Agenda 23rd May

Agenda 16th May

Agenda 11th April