Production Plan

Update March 2018

We are now preparing a revised draft of the Plan following updates to the version prepared in 2017. A major change has been to our proposed development sites following receipt of the SEA and responses from major consultees. We are now proposing three development sites of 12 houses each. See here for details. 

The following links show summaries of our current status and our current production plan for the last stages of this project. 

Report of meeting with Stephen Miles on 07/03/18

Brailes NDP Site Allocations Note March 2018  (Recommendations from our NP consultant Steven Miles).

Brailes NDP 2018 Status Report

We plan to re-submit our draft Plan to Stratford District Council in May 2018

Background Information

The Locality Roadmap shows the various stages of development and the tasks which need to be done to produce a Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Neighbourhood Plans are created under the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012  see

Regulations 14 to 20 are listed here: The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012