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    Sunday 1st July 10am – 2pm      Village Hall

    Monday 2nd July 7pm – 9pm      Pavilion


The Neighbourhood Plan is now complete and is about to be put out to consultation. Click here to see the Plan.


The Neighbourhood Plan’s revised Built-up Area Boundary 

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The above revised Built-up Area Boundary has been adopted by the NP Committee and will now be included within the developing Neighbourhood Development Plan.


Neighbourhood Plan’s Revised Housing Sites

On 7th December 2017 the Neighbourhood Plan committee decided to change their small sites policy of four 6-house sites (plus two 6-house reserve sites) to two 12-house sites (plus one 12-house site). This decision was presented to the Parish Council on 11th December who approved this process. Proposed new 12-house development sites

The  reasons behind the NP committee’s decision were laid out in a document which will be attached to the Parish Council minutes of their meeting on 11th December. This can also be viewed here …

Document presented to PC on Monday 11th Dec 2017


PLANS TO CHANGE?  Update on Allocated Sites

Feedback from Consultees on the SEA

Selecting Sites, How do we Choose?

Justification of New Housing Development Click here

  1. Site Assessment Tool
  2. SDC Landscape Assessment (SHLAA)
  3. NP Commissioned Landscape Assessments (WCC)

Comment on the Plan

We need your feedback NOW on the plan – write to sg@brailesnp.co.uk and TELL US WHAT YOU THINK!

SEA Screening

News missing from the Feldon News August 2017 edition – Click here.

The NDP Committee has been informed that the Neighbourhood Plan is to be screened into the Strategic Environment Assessment (SEA). For more information click here:

Talk to us

The committee are always available for comments and discussion on the draft plan at our working meetings as well as our full committee meetings on Monday evenings in the Pavilion 8pm. Please come along. Workshop Meetings as well as Committee Meetings are all open to the public. Or email any comments to sg@brailesnp.co.uk


A big thank you to all who have been involved in helping the Brailes & Winderton Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering committee create a plan for the future development of the Parish. The plan once adopted will be a legal document of which planning officers will have to take note.

Get involved in the Neighbourhood Development Plan and speak up for Brailes’ future.

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