News and Noticeboard

News and Noticeboard

Election Results

The results of the Election on thursday are available for download from the documents page.  To summarise, Martin gerald COLE, 136 votes (elected). Adrian Hugh PRICE, 75 votes.  Electorate 917, Ballot Papers issued 212, turnout 23.12% (1 ballot paper was rejected.)

Edited by Tony de Maillet (at the request of the Clerk to the Parish Council 19 December 2015)


The Shipston Link is a thirty-year established, volunteer run, community bus company – with some drivers based in Brailes - providing weekly scheduled services to Shipston [and the Medical Centre] and to Banbury [town centre and Morrisons].

On Thursdays our service to Banbury, turns right out of Sutton Lane at 0958; The George at 1001 and Cow Lane at 1003.  Returning from Morrisons at 1200 and Bridge Street at 1205.

Our Friday service to Shipston, The Square and The Medical Centre, turns right out of Sutton Lane at 0930; Cow Lane at 0932 and Upper Brailes at 0934; stopping at all recognised bus-stops.  Returning from The Square at 1110.

Bus Passes are accepted as well as cash single fares [£2.40 to Banbury & £1.50 to Shipston]


Housing Needs Report 2016

June 2016 Housing Needs report produced by WRCC for the Parish Council is now available for dowload from the "Useful Documents" page.



Bus Timetable

From Monday 6th June there will be a revised bus timetable operating.  The Parish Council were aware that changes were taking place but only discovered the scale of these on Tuesday 31st May 2016 when County Councillor Chris Saint presented the changes.  The changes will have a severe and detrimental impact on users of the bus service including school children and the Parish Council is sending a robustly worded letter to the responsible parties.  The revised timetables are available to download via the "Useful Documents" tab. Click

Tony de Maillet




Even speeders don't like it when it's done to them, and many are irked by the B4035 through Brailes being used as a race track.  It's inconvenient when your car's written off, and upsetting when the same happens to a pet.  Thanks to the proactivity of Anna Noyes, irritation has transmuted into action.  Two villagers, Will Doherty and Mike Russell-Carter have been trained to use a speed gun, and during March, as some will be noticing, we have one to monitor speeding through Brailes.  During the first session on the afternoon of Wednesday 2nd, one vehicle was clocked at 55 mph, and others were travelling at 40 mph or above.  While we have volunteers to hold a clipboard and record details of individual miscreants, we would appreciate more: so if you're interested, contact Anna.  Her email is, and telephone, 685125.  It's an interesting way of passing a few hours, and George Osborne wannabes get to wear a high-viz jacket.  It's not a futile exercise.  The worst offenders are written to by the police, and the whole exercise will generate data to strengthen the case for installing traffic-calming devices, and even, very occasionally, real speed cops.


​Michael Rosenthal




DRAFT Minutes of the 4th January 2016 Meeting are now available.

Agenda for the planning meeting on Saturday 16th January 2016 in the Pavilion at 9:30 now available.

Happy New Year! Agenda for 4th January 2016 Meeting is now available and DRAFT minutes for 30 November 2015 meeting.

Here is the notice from the returning officer with details of the uncontested election 17th December 2015

The approved Housing Status Report produced at the request of the Parish Council by the NDP team is now available for download from the Neighbourhood Development section of this site.

A petition has been received by the returning officer at Stratford on Avon District council and an election will now take place for the vacancy made by the resignation of Martin Coles. Please see the notice board or download the PDF document here for more information.

Nomination forms are available from the clerk or from the offices of Stratford on Avon District Council and must be received at the Council Offices by 4pm on Friday 20th November 2015. If the election is contested (i.e. there is more than one candidate) an election will take place on Thursday 17th December 2015.